cover_pageThe Source :: A Hidden Journey is a mystical surf odyssey based on the travels of a surfer named Jeshua.

This tale follows Jeshua as he searches for waves on the south-east corner of Sundion, the large island he lives on.

On the way he is enlightened by a series of dreams and visions
as he begins to perceive the Otherealm.

nice_view tomb_star

After surfing a wave called the Night Jewel,
he is sparked on a search for the mysteries of eternity.

newave This full colour 96 page limited edition book combines storytelling, water photography, oil paintings and designs which blend a wide range of cultural influences.

(270cm by 160cm. Printed in Australia, 2002)


For more info or to order a copy, email the author (shown surfing opposite in a photo by Scott Bauer):


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