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Last update: Dec 8, 2006

The Beginning in Australia

This image from two centuries back of Polynesian maidens surfing in the Sandwich Islands shows that surfing has been enjoyed by all sexes since the dawn.

In Australia, surfing is wrongly recognised as beginning on the day Isabel Letham joined Duke Kahanomoku for a wave at Freshwater Beach in February of 1915.

Make no mistake, this was a wonderful day for surfing in Australia. Isabel was only fifteen at the time and her memory was of riding just the one wave, with the Duke pulling her up with him by the scruff of the neck. Despite her father initialling forbidding her from continuing such a dangerous pastime, Isabel was drawn to surfing and continued sneaking of into the waves.

In the end Isabel's father, like so many after him, gave up and in fact built her a beautiful redwood board made to the Duke's specifications. This photo of her was taken about 1916 and was possibly on that board.

But there were other Australians surfing before this time, and among them was another girl who also deserves her place in history.

Esma Amor was an accomplished bodysurfer who predates Isabel's feats by several years at least. She is reported to have begun riding the Hawaiian style surfboards, or possibly a locally hewn version, on Sydney's northern beaches with the other pioneering surfers.

We're trying to gather more detail on Esma, so if anyone can help us we'd love to hear from you.

Surfing News

Surfing Mums web site

A couple of mums from Byron had a great idea ... how they could surf and still look after their kids on the beach. Its all explained on this web site, and you dont have to come from that area, the ladies help you get it set up anywhere.


Surfinfo gets thousands of hits daily and we want to make it a web site for everyone to enjoy.

Our intention is to have this page act as a forum for women's surfing. We hope that youll all contribute in some way.

If you have a club that needs publicity to attract more members, a contest coming up that the sponsors would like see well attended, or just something you feel is suitable for this page, please drop us an EMAIL and help us to make this page something of value for the women in surfing.


Womens Clubs

The clubs wešre featuring here are those we know of which totally focus on female surfers. There are of course other clubs Australia wide who have Womens/Girls divisions within their club, and you can access some of them at our CLUBS LISTING/LINKS PAGE.

Cronulla Girls Boardriders Club

Cronulla Surfer Girls Boardriders Club (CSG) was established in February 1998, by surfing buddies Kim Moore and Sari Lokollo, to encourage and promote women's surfing in the Sutherland Shire. The Club has a membership of over 40 female surfers of all ages.

CSG meet at The Alley on the last Saturday of each month (February to October) for club contests - which are really just an excuse for all the girls to get together to surf and generally have fun. The Club caters for all levels from whitewash through to advanced in both short and long boards. During the summer months the Club meets for social surfs and coaching.

Overall the standard of surfing within the Club has improved enormously over the past two seasons. Members, who have competed in the professional ranks, such as Akemi O'Leary as well as upcoming young talent in Natahnee Veitch, Kathryn Ward, Sarah Rayner, Lyndsay Noyes and Alex Hamilton.

The Club is sponsored by Wahine and Stunt. For anyone wanting more information about the Club visit our websitewww.skyboom.com/surfergirls
Email cronullasurfergirls@hotmail.com PO Box 348, Cronulla NSW 2230
Tel: 612 9527 3071
Fax: 612 9527 9236

Gold Coast Girls Boardriders Club

Started by Julie and Terri Redmond after tiring of travelling down to Lennox Head on weekends to surf in the All-Girls Club. Successfully ran the Voodoo Dolls comp and other fun days. Aim of the club is "to provide a friendly competitive environment."

Contact details:
Gold Coast Girls Boardriders Club
PO Box 3808, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
Web: http://www.goldcoastgirlsboardriders.com
Email sjredmond@iprimus.com.au

Northern Beaches Womens Boardriders

NBWB was established in 1995 and has ignited in 2000 by doubling its 1999 membership. Over 60 surfers aged from 7 to 35 years gather on the last Sunday of each month for a social surf or contest on Sydney's northern beaches.

Longboard or Shortboard, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced - it doesn't matter - everyone is welcome along to have fun.

Northern Beaches Womens Boardriders
Tel: (02) 9907 4322
Web: http://www.northernbeacheswomensboardriders.org.au

All Girls Surfriders Club

The All Girls Surfriders Club was formed in 1992 and its base is Lennox Head, on the far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia (just south of the border from the Gold Coast, Queensland).

They rotate their Club Rounds between different beaches in the area, Byron Bay to Lennox Head normally.

The Club meets for competition every fourth Sunday of the month from February to November. The All Girls Surfriders Club has 4 divisions: - Longboard, Shortboard Beginner, Shortboard, Intermediate, Shortboard Advanced.

In 1999 they had over 70 girls in the Club, ranging from under 10 years old to over 50.

The All Girls Surfriders organise coaching days, campouts, social nights, and participate in the Ma Bendall Memorial Interclub Contest with other women's clubs once a year.

Their biggest event, though, is the All Girls Surf Showdown in June, with womens surfwear company Aztec Rose as event sponsor. The club's aim is to encourage as many girls into the sport of surfing as possible, and provide them with support and practical experience in a contest arena.

Email Mel Mott for more info at allgirls@surf.smarta.com.au or check their website at All Girls Surfriders Inc

Women in the Waves

Women in the Waves is an all girls surf club situated on the scenic Central Coast of NSW.The club has been running for 12 years under the guidance of Yvonne Lamont, catering for all levels and ages of surfing from white wash, B grade, mals through to A grade.

The club has over 60 active members at present divided between the southern and northern clubs with regular competitions held throughout the year.

Social events are high on the agenda with BBQs, video nights and weekends away for the girls enjoyment.The club has been a production line for some noteable surfers the likes of Rebecca Woods current Australian under 16 Years champ, Sandra English 4 times Australian Champion, (and owner/operator of Terry McDermott Surf Coaching an ideal surf school for those starting out), and Amee Donahue WQS rookie of the year for the Hawaiian leg. Plus many more noteable rippers.

If you would like more information or want to join the club please contact Yvonne Lamont (President Southside) on 0243853138 or Maxine Wallace (President Northside) on 0243963889


Apparently not a part of the US Wahine magazine, but with lots of interesting links for girl surfers.

This link is for girls who bodyboard, it takes you into the AWB organistion in the US's website.


And please, once again, email us with any news you think is worthy of our passing on.

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