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Australian Titles 2006

The 21 Australian Longboard Titles were a big success. Held at Yallingup, about 30 minutes north of the famous Margaret River, waves starting off huge, and then abated through the week to a surfable level, while still being serious.

Yallingup is a predominantly left hand break, with a shorter right when the swell is not too south. The reports of broken board ranged between 20 and 27! A very expensive week of surfing. On one day the contest was moved to Injidup Carpark. The righthanders here were ideal at headhigh or sometimes slightly larger, barrelling, and still allowing surfers to perform on the face moves and noserides. The days before this, when Yallingup was pretty close to out-of-control, free surfers were revelling in Carpark tubes! If only they¹d moved the contest there for those days too.

The final day at Yallingup had ideal waves, mostly long lefts, and sunny skies all day. A great climax to another very successful National Titles.

Results, first to fourth:

Open Men: Josh Constable (Qld), Jackson Close (Qld), Jarryd Foster (WA), Ray Lawrence (NSW).

Open Women: Claire Finucane (WA), Emma Wilson (Vic), Arlene Nagtzaam (WA), Kirsty Webster (NSW).

Sunsmart Junior Men: Ben Fesselet (Qld), Bryce Young (NSW), Bowie Pollard (Qld), Nicholas Farago (NSW).

Pacific Finance Junior Women: Rani Bartlett (NSW), Grace Clifford (WA), Jade Foster (WA), Freya Hogarth (Tas), Ella Bahen (WA).

Over 35 Women: Sharon Jackson (Qld), Arlene Nagtzaam (WA), Samantha Vanderford (WA), Kirsty Webster (NSW).

Zentner Shipping Over 35 Men: Adam Lane (WA), David Barlow (WA), Dean Cristallo (NSW), Jason Jewry (NSW).

Over 40 Men: Glen Cunningham (Qld), Kevin Anderson (WA), Richard Smith (NSW), Brett Merrifield (WA).

Over 45 Men: Brian Thompson (Vic), Ray Barker (WA), Barrie McKinnon (WA), Paul Milroy (Qld).

Funís Back Over 50 Men: Mike Pimm (NSW), Phil Baggs (NSW), Chris Fulston (WA), Ric Chalmers (NSW).

Over 55 Men: Bob Monkman (WA), Mick Marlin (WA), Gordon Fuz (Qld), Bruce Channon (NSW).

Over 60 Men: Barry McGuigan (NSW), Ross Caslick (NSW), David Ellis (WA), Jack Triep (Vic).

2007 Noosa Festival of Surfing

Dates are: March 6 - 11. Full details on the Noosa Malibu Club web site


Australian Longboarding Magazines

Australian Longboarding #48 Nov/Dec $9.99

HUGE noseriding issue with Jai Lee writing about it all, and great photogs like Peter Aitchison helping on the images,

The Bob Kennerson profile is a great read too, with classic photos from Kennos life, from the late 50s to now.

Longbreak Vol 1, No 1. $7.95

A new mag hailing from WA ... the publishers are unabashedly aiming at the cashed up baby-boomers. Articles on wine, food, and travel to expensive locales ... very much let down by the quality of the surf photos though. Have a look though, it may suit you.

Pacific Longboarder Vol 10 No 2 $9.95

Very international issue this one with stories on Waikiki, Nicaragua, and the Womens World Titles in France ... also a profile on CJ Nelson, 60s photos from Queensland ...


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